This Week’s iTunes Top 5…and Last Week’s, As Well

  1. The White Stripes, “Blue Orchid”
  2. Pearl Jam, “I’ve Got a Feeling”
  3. The Rolling Stones, “Monkey Man”
  4. Van Halen, “Right Now”
  5. Pearl Jam, “Release” (live in Boston, MA, 9/28/04)

Currently Playing: Cream, “Sunshine of Your Love”

This list is somewhat lacking, I know…I mean, if “I’ve Got a Feeling” appears on one more of these top fives I feel as though I’ll be oweing both Pearl Jam and the Beatles some sort of royalty payments. But I’ve got at least two valid excuses. One, I’ve been out of town the past two weekends (last weekend: Kingston; this weekend: Barrie). Two, I’ve been giving a lot of air time to a few amazing new albums: the aforementioned Sleater-Kinney and System of a Down albums, plus Get Behind Me Satan from the White Stripes. Great albums each and every one of them, although it will take a lot of work to convince me that The Woods isn’t a shoe-in for my own personal Album of the Year award for 2005. And I’m seeing Sleater-Kinney live in six days! Sleater-Kinney, plus Oasis on Friday…it’s going to be a brutal week in terms of schoolwork, but two concerts and the long-awaited return of everybody’s third-place baseball team will at least aleviate some of the tedium.


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