Zoom In on the Local Neighbourhood Multiplex

Now…okay: I don’t want to get ahead of myself just yet, because I’m sure the makers of the underwhelming Phantom of the Opera movie could have assembled a two minute-long clip and made it seem at least semi appealing, but the trailer for the movie version of Rent is now on line and it looks good. Check it out for yourself. Again, I’m not going to let myself get too excited–but this looks promising. I don’t know how many of you are aware of this fact, but I’ve actually seen Rent live nine different times in four different cities (three times each in New York and Toronto, twice in St. Paul and once in, uh, Hamilton), have every single word memorized, was once a member of the infamous Sonic e-mail list and even wrote an ISU about the show and its place in 90s pop culture. I could get into more detail…but I’ll save it for the fall, when Rent hits your local neighbourhood multiplex. If that isn’t the ultimate subversion of everything the show is meant to represent, I honestly don’t know what is.

On a completely unrelated note, Paul Wells’ editorial in last week’s issue of Macleans entitled “Those fearful French” is all about a book written by Timothy B. Smith, a former professor of mine at Queen’s. This is noteworthy for at least three reasons: one, because if anybody deserves this kind of write-up it’s Tim Smith, who was one of my referees for grad school and one of the best teachers I’ve ever had; two, I’d just run into him at Bri’s convocation ceremony last week; and three, while reading Wells’ article I was actually thinking to myself, “This sounds a lot like 411!” If you’re feeling ambitious, you can order the book right here.


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