I Predicted a Riot

I started writing a lengthy review of the Kaiser Chiefs/OK Go…then gave up, and realized I didn’t have enough to say to really justify its existence. In essence, I wanted to gush about how “I Predict a Riot” is one of the most ridiculously catchy tunes I’ve heard in a long, long time. I’d first heard it a few months ago on the Edge’s live to air from the Mod Club Theatre and was enamoured enough to buy tickets to see the Kaiser Chiefs without having really listened to the rest of their (admittedly tiny) catalogue. But that didn’t seem like a good enough reason to write about the concert. Instead, I want to make a quick point about ticket prices, which with the Rolling Stones’ current money-grubbing endeavour ($450 for the first two sections of floor seats) are reaching new, ridiculous heights. Jamie and I paid $20 to see the Kaiser Chiefs and OK Go ($17 face value plus the obligatory Ticketmaster surcharges) and saw not one, but two incredibly entertaining bands (OK Go, by the way, ended their set with an utterly hysterical choreographed dance routine to one of their songs; apparently they do this every night, but that didn’t diminish its effectiveness or take away from its loopiness, its surrealness…it was actually the funniest thing I think I’ve ever seen at a concert, apart from Eddie Vedder telling off the flasher at Hershey 2003). Contrast this to, say, the $50 we shelled out to see Rivers Cuomo sleepwalk through Weezer’s set at the Kool Haus earlier this month. The point, I guess, is that ticket prices are beginning to spiral out of control, and so rather than being sucked into paying them I’m simply going to start discovering new music. I cannot afford to keep shelling over money I don’t really have to see concerts anymore; but $20 to see two awesome bands in a cool, intimate setting, not only is it affordable but it’s also a lot more rewarding. Sure, forking over hundreds of dollars to see big name rock bands in humungous sports venues is fun every once in a while–goodness knows I’ll be doing it lots of times in September–but if I’m going to keep on feeding my concertgoing habit, I’m going to have to start becoming a little more adventurous. As much as “I Predict a Riot” killed in a live setting, that was the single most valuable lesson I took away from seeing the Kaisers in action.


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