New Blog!

You knew it was coming: I’ve created a blog to document my forthcoming, week-and-a-half long adventure with Pearl Jam. The name is a shameless rip-off of Pearl Jam’s 2000 DVD release, Touring Band 2000…’cause, y’know, I’m cool like that. I’ll be posting any tour-related news over on the new page, although I’ll be sure to make note of any updates on my main site (which is this one, in case you were wondering…). Eventually, I hope this new blog evolves into a successful experiment with on-line travel writing–albeit travel that’s virtually confined to my own home province. When the tour begins I’ll be using it for regular updates including news, reviews, setlists, photos…basically, whatever I feel you’d want to see if you were keen enough to visit in the first place. The tour is still over three months away, yet I’m already drooling in anticipation…and in case you want to learn more, here’s the link to the new blog.


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