Say It Ain’t So

Notorious misanthrope Rivers Cuomo brought Weezer to the Kool Haus last night, but while he kept on insisting that they were having a great time it seemed uncomfortably obvious that the band’s mercurial frontman would rather have been anywhere in the entire world than up on stage in front of us. How obvious? Rivers was wearing a puffy vest for the first two-thirds of the set.

Except here’s the thing: when you’re the frontman of a major rock band, you can’t shun the spotlight. You have to crave it. Rivers, famously, does not–and while that contributes a great deal to his and his band’s considerable appeal, it doesn’t exactly make Weezer the most engaging of live acts. If you missed the show, here’s an idea: put on the Blue Album, close your eyes and the effect is virtually the same. Sure, it was great hearing “those songs” (you know the ones I mean) in a live setting, and the rest of the boys in Weezer are engaging performers…but when your frontman is busy wearing puffy vests and staunchly omitting “El Scorcho” from setlists, Weezer is never going to be the enthralling live act that they probably should be.

Also, the less said about opening act Ringside the better. But props to the lead singer for announcing that he lived in Toronto for two years at “Eglinton and Bloor”. Think about it.


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