Hard to Imagine? Try Impossible

It’s been twenty-four hours since I found out about Pearl Jam’s Canadian tour, but I’m still not sure I’ve adequately processed the information. In particular, I’m still in utter shock about this Thunder Bay date, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one (if phone calls to my boys were any indication). You couldn’t have surprised me more had you told me I’d won the lottery without buying a ticket…like, the last time I saw Pearl Jam was at back-to-back shows at the FleetCenter in Boston, and if you’d have told me at the end of the second one of those concerts that the next time I’d be seeing the band would be at the Fort William Gardens I’d have laughed in your face. Because…I mean, it’s PEARL JAM! They sell out multiple nights at Madison Square Garden, for God’s sake! I have nothing to compare this to, nothing. I’m sitting here searching for something–anything–that would even begin to convey the magnitude of what this means to me…and I’m failing. You’ll just have to trust me, I guess.

Put it this way, and see if it makes sense. Imagine your ultimate fantasy, and then imagine it coming true. I’m still not sure if this is apt, but it’s the best I’ve come up with. The concert is over four months away, and I’m already more stoked than I’ve been for any other concert at any other point in my life–and yes, that includes all twelve previous Pearl Jam concerts I’ve seen. I’m probably setting myself up for a letdown…and I don’t care: when my band walks onto that stage, I’m going to explode. Like I said, trying to describe this experience in any way, shape or form is going to be next-to-impossible.

Impossible like, I dunno: Pearl Jam playing the Fort William Gardens? Something like that.


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