I’ll Have a Large Double-Double and a Canadian Tour, Please

Pearl Jam announced its long-awaited Canadian tour this morning; I won’t get into the specifics here, because I’m still not sure I’m capable of rational thought (and might not be anytime soon, for that matter), but here’s where I’ll be from September 9-19, 2005:

  • September 9: Thunder Bay!!!!!
  • September 11: Kitchener
  • September 12: London
  • September 13: Hamilton
  • September 15: Montreal
  • September 16: Ottawa
  • September 19: Toronto

Plus U2 in Toronto on September 17.

The Ten Club presale started last night, and this morning I secured tickets to four of the shows (Thunder Bay, London, Hamilton and Toronto). Later this week, once I’ve talked to the usual suspects, I’d imagine I’ll be throwing down Kitchener, Montreal and Ottawa as well. As for how I’m going to afford all this…well, transportation is covered (Air Miles for Thunder Bay, Via Preference for Montreal and Ottawa, car for Kitchener, London and Hamilton, Metropass for Toronto), I’ve got places to stay in the two cities where I’ll need to crash overnight, and Pearl Jam–bless their souls–still aren’t charging exhorbitant amounts of money for tickets. And if I still can’t afford it, I’ll ask mom and dad if a useless third university degree is worth a few tickets to see my favourite band.

I am still in utter shock.


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