Combat Rock

My upcoming schedule:

  • April 30: Jimmy Chamberlin Complex (Lee’s Palace)
  • May 6: Weezer (Kool Haus)
  • May 10: Nine Inch Nails (Kool Haus)
  • May 29: Kaiser Chiefs (Mod Club)
  • June 17: Oasis (Molson Amphitheatre)
  • June 18: Sleater Kinney (Phoneix Concert Hall)
  • September 17: U2 (Air Canada Centre)

…not to mention a Pearl Jam Canadian tour reportedly being announced today. In spite of this final, bastard essay of mine, I’m loving life as of 1:22pm on Monday, April 25.


One thought on “Combat Rock

  1. September 17th – U2, ACCSeptember 19th – Pearl Jam, ACCI will refrain from any cheap shots against Pearl Jam, cuz heck I like em. But Steve-o. These two concerts so close together. Huge

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