This Is Huge!

It appears as though 2005 has peaked. Today, I got a breathless MSN message from Sherkin saying that “O Canada” was playing on the TenClub website. So naturally, I went to Synergy instead–and found the following message:

“We’re here to put a little bug in your ear because a little birdie paid us a visit and told us, ‘tweet tweet ca-caaw ca-caaw.’ After careful research, we learned that it translates to:
Please be sure your fan club membership is current and your mailing information is up to date by April 19th. And if you haven’t joined the fan club yet – what are you waiting for, eh?”

Hmm. Having read that, I next went over to the TenClub site…and sure enough, there was our country’s anthem playing on the official website of our favourite band’s fan club. It was at this point that my heart stopped beating. Combined with the announcement on Synergy and the message from Jeff Ament in the last newsletter that Pearl Jam was plotting a Canadian tour and…well, it looks like 2005 is going to be one helluva good year to be Canadian. PEARL JAM IS TOURING CANADA!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Signed, Your Breathless Correspondent


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