Masters Update

Is there anything more enjoyable than watching Tiger Woods just take over a golf tournament? Especially when it’s the Masters? I’m going to venture a tentative “no” on that one. And to that point, is there a better day than Sunday at Augusta? Spring has officially sprung here in Toronto: the sun is out, the temperatures are climbing, the city is slowing coming to life…and I’m indoors, glued to a t.v. screen and not intending on moving for at least another two hours. The only thing that diminishes the experience is CBS’ broadcast team, who must surely be locked in mortal combat with Joe Buck and his FOX football crew for the title of all-time most incompetent sports reporters. There is nothing in life more vomit-inducing than listening to Jim Nance et al laud the natural beauty of Augusta National, canonize every single player on the PGA Tour and hear them describe each and every two foot putt in quasi-apocalyptic terms. Yet today, I’d be more than happy to overlook it.


One thought on “Masters Update

  1. Um, yes steve, there is something more enjoyable. Recall April ’03, 4th year University, smack effing dab in the middle of exams, you and i taking an entire afternoon off to watch Mike Weir take the green jacket. Case closed.

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