Gone With The Flow

Queens of the Stone Age coming to town? $41 too much to shell out for tickets? Still wanna catch ’em? Simple: have a friend win tickets to see them perform at a television studio and tag along! Which is what I did last night after Jamie won tickets to see the Queens do a “Live @ Much” presentation; we ended up standing, like, right behind the drummer for an intimate, six-song performance and an interview in which Devon Soltendieck made us long for the glory days of George Stromboulopolos going blow-for-blow with Bono. (Is it just me, or is the current crop of MuchMusic VJs, like, the most anonymous bunch of posers you’ve ever seen? Seriously, apart from Rick and Jennifer Hollett, is there anyone you could pick out of a police line-up? I had to look up Devon’s name, by the way.) Seeing Letterman back in 2002 sorta scarred me as far as seeing live t.v. is concerned, but yesterday’s show was a pleasant surprise–aided, no doubt, by the Queens pulling out virtually every song of theirs I know. “No One Knows”, “The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret” and “Go With The Flow” were all present and accounted for, along with three tracks from their new album…uh, whose name I don’t know. Oh, and Craig Kilborn lookalike Josh Homme is, without question, the biggest dude in rock music–end discussion.

Oh! One more thing. So I was riding the subway yesterday when a man clad only in jeans and a Santa Claus hat jumped on board. (C’mon, what were you expecting? Seriously.) He then proceeded to drop down, give us nine push-ups, spit on an empty seat and then jump off at the next stop. Right. So five minutes later, as I was walking down Queen Street to meet up with Jamie, I saw him again–this time running down the opposite side of the road towards the crowd of people standing outside the Much environment. Right. So later, during the QOTSA question period, Josh & Co went outside to greet the fans…and then Josh gave props to “that crazy sonofabitch over there”, and we turned to the television monitors to see Santa Claus Guy drop down and do push-ups for the lead singer of Queens of the Stone Age. These are the sorts of incidents that make life worth living.


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