U2 in Buffalo

On the off-chance you’re here and wondering how four U2 concerts at the Air Canada Centre could sell out within forty minutes of going on sale…go to www.tickets.com and get yourselves tickets to see the band in Buffalo. We’ve been reading a lot about how U2 is selling out every concert venue on the planet within .5 seconds of tickets going on sale…so who knew that Buffalo could be the final frontier of sanity? Then again, maybe Buffalo just isn’t a city given over to quick sellouts. Pearl Jam’s 2003 concert at the HSBC Arena didn’t sell out until the morning of…and while I’m not suggesting Pearl Jam is even vaguely close to U2 in terms of hysteria-inducing popularity, they’re also one of the world’s more reliable concert draws. At various points this morning I was holding tickets to the Buffalo concert that would put me closer to Bono than Bono is to God…which is saying a lot, not to mention the fact that I shouldn’t have put so much effort into getting Toronto tickets: I should have foreseen the impending madness and gone for the concert in the arena where I saw the single greatest show of all-time (see PJ).

Where am I going with this? I have no idea. Moreover, I have no idea why U2–a band I tolerate, sometimes enjoy but generally haven’t ever really loved–is having this effect on me. I’m worried it’s Bono’s messianic complex weaving its way insidiously into my brain; I feel as though I’m on the verge of buying a pair of sunglasses even bigger than my frankly massive head and mumbling about moles digging in holes. The thought makes me shudder.


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