And One More Thing!

The Toronto production of Mamma Mia! is closing May 22, one day short of its five-year anniversary. I won’t get into what I thought about the show the two times I saw it, save that I liked it a lot more the second time…but in a weird way I’ll be sad to see it go. What with Phantom having closed in 1999, Mamma Mia! was Toronto’s one genuine musical landmark; like Phantom, it was the show that theatre connoiseurs disdained but that tourists flocked to see, and also like Phantom its longevity was all the more noteworthy in a city with an erratic history when it comes to sitdown productions of big name musicals (see: Tommy). Will I see it again? I’m still leaning towards “no”–but I also vowed never to see it again after the first time, so what do I know? It would almost be worth it just to have “Money, Money, Money” get lodged inside my head again.

Also of note: the announcement that Toronto will play host to the world premiere of Lord of the Rings, the musical. If that doesn’t have “a disaster beyond imagination” written all over it I don’t know what does…but I said that about The Lion King back in 1997, so what do I know? I figure I’ll take a chance on tickets (as it were) when they go on sale in May.

There! Last entry of the day…promise.

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