Ramble On

It’s crunch time, folks: the work is piling up, the deadlines are looming, the stress is beginning to escalate…and I haven’t done a minute of work on my thesis in any capacity since early January. I’m starting to question the merits of doing a one-year masters; sure, it’ll be nice having that piece of paper at the end of June, but I’ve got a feeling it’s going to come at the expense of my sanity and/or five years of my life. Someone, please, tell me it’s worth the sacrifice. In lieu of an actual, meaningful blog update–a dearth of which have been written in the past couple weeks–I’m going with yet another list of incoherent rambling. This is what happens when you’re forced to read The Dialectics of Seeing by Susan Buck-Morrs: your mind ceases to work properly.

  • Will we ever see the end of the Steve Moore/Todd Bertuzzi incident? Like, ever? It was easily the most overblow sports story of 2004…and here we are in February and it’s still the lead story on SportsCentre. Unbelievable.
  • That Quizno’s commercial with Don Cherry and Tie Domi…it doesn’t get much better than that, does it?
  • I ask, and The O.C. delivers. Last night’s episode was an absolute gem. Has there ever been a more evil character on television whose name sounds like a sandwich than Julie Cooper-Nicol? And how long are the producers of the show going to build up this Alex/Marissa lesbian thing, only for Marissa to realize she can’t go through with it? I mean come on, a whole freaking hour and nothing more than a quick peck on the cheek? Rereading that last sentence I feel like the saddest, most pathetic person in the world.
  • Last night’s dodgeball game was either the nadir or the pinnacle of Ramrod’s illustrious debut season: we spotted our opponent an 8-1 lead, stormed back to within two and fell just short of tying it up in the final game. When we caught fire somewhere in the tenth game it was like watching poetry in motion. Also, I had the single best game of my dodgeball career…feels good to dominate like that.
  • Is there anything better than NASCAR drivers talking smack to one another?
  • On the subject of NASCAR, my friend Jen’s family used to spend their summer vacations travelling from one NASCAR track to the other. Not one race to another: one track to another.
  • Half an hour later, and it’s back to Moore/Bertuzzi.
  • Did anybody else see Eugene Melnyk whining about how broke he was while sitting next to a roaring fire in Mt. Tremblant?
  • Speaking of Eugene Melnyk, the single greatest tragedy about the NHL season being cancelled is that we Leaf fans have been deprived of our Rites of Spring…in other words, being the Ottawa Senators in the playoffs. No matter how often it happened (four times in five years, in case you’re keeping track), it never got boring listening to Ottawa fans talk smack about the Leafs, only for their team to implode in ever more ignominious fashion. Gulley and I were talking ’bout which of the four series wins was our favourite; his was the sweep in 2001, mine the St. John’s Maple Leafs seven-game series in 2002.
  • Oh, and I heard that Ray Charles/Norah Jones song that won all the Grammys and got me and Bri embroiled in our debate about the merits of giving out pity Grammys. The verdict? It would sound great on AM radio…which, incidentally, is where I finally ended up hearing it.
  • And speaking of Bri, the next five days will surely rank as the longest, most agonizing of my life as I wait for her to come visit. The problems associated with long-distance relationships are obvious in times like these…but when the waiting period culminates with Bri walking through those doors at the new Terminal 1, it will have all been worth it.
  • Unless Bri walks through those doors and has a massive goiter. Then I don’t know what I’ll do.

And that’s it! I’m gonna go to Tim Hortons for the large double double/chocolate dip donut routine, then hit the books until 4 o’clock. The term uberproductive must necessarily be redefined today, lest the stress level continue its inexorable climb. Four more months…the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.


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