Hitting Back at Bri

I shouldn’t be engaging in any sort of protracted debate with somebody who openly admits to having never seen a single episode of Family Guy (and only two episodes of Seinfeld, for that matter), but I can’t resist: Bri keeps lobbing these pitches in my general direction, and I just feel as though I have to crush them out of the park in order to satiate her incredible appetite for arguing.

Consider this:

  • “I’m just saying – based on the fact that the academy is going to choose a revolutionary-for-his-time, now ‘safe’ artist to win the award, Ray Charles was a hell of a deserving candidate.” But again, that isn’t the point. Ray Charles might have revolutionized soul music, but that doesn’t mean he was still a revolutionary when he died. To me, that’s like saying Paul McCartney’s current musical output can’t be classified as safe, disposable pap simply because he was once involved with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band.
  • “Zevon’s contribution to 2004 didn’t make ANY of the top 100 lists that I’ve seen: the record, regardless of his health, didn’t make the cut.” Correct. And since The Wind was released in 2003, I have no problem conceding this point to you.
  • “Arguing that Charles isn’t a god of soul is like saying that Duke Ellington or Ella Fitzgerald didn’t do anything for Jazz, or that the Beatles didn’t contribute to rock n’ roll. These are FACTS. Maybe if you had some to throw back at me, your argument would have some validity.” Except I never said that–even I wouldn’t try to make such a ridiculous argument. Bottom line: just because Ray Charles once wrote music that changed the world, that does not mean he was still writing music that changed the world at the time of his death.

Like I said, I’ve never heard a single note from Genius Loves Company, and I intend to. I’m going to wager, however, that what I hear will not affect me like the first time I heard American Idiot and realized that the rules of engagement for rock n’ roll c.2004 had changed. Hark! Is that Bri signing onto MSN? I figure this debate is about to be moved from the pages of my blog to the phone lines connecting Kingston and Toronto…and for that reason, I bid you adieu.


2 thoughts on “Hitting Back at Bri

  1. She tried, Tim, but alas she failed–and conceded defeat. I know this will come as a disappointment to you, but fear not: you and Bri can still be united (as it were) by your hatred of the Great Evil.

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