Armageddon Approaches

Vikings/Packers. Does it get any better than this?

Well yes, actually, it does: Vikings/Packers, on national t.v., on freaking Christmas Eve, with the winner taking the NFC North division title and getting a first round home playoff game. It’s even better than the real thing, to paraphrase a well-known band of Irish descent.

I had tickets to this game, of course–an obvious point to make, seeing as I own Vikings season tickets–but sold them off a long time ago. Realistically, there was no way I could have made it…well, not without risking disownment from my family anyway. Instead, I’ll be watching the game in Courtice, a place about as far removed from downtown Minneapolis as can be imagined. Predictions? Too close to call–although given Brett Favre’s record at the Metrodome and the fact the Vikings are averaging 400.6 yards of offense per game I’m optimistic about our chances. More to the point, however, why bother having a favourite team if you don’t think they’re capable of winning the biggest game of the season? Terrell Owens’ season-ending injury has suddenly opened the NFC riiiight up–so why shouldn’t I believe in the Vikings’ chances? Am I opening myself up to heartbreak? Sure I am…but hey, it’s just part and parcel of being a Vikings fan in the first place. This kind of abnormal, self-inflicted torment is to be expected–and like I said, it’s the promise of one day arriving in Xanadu that keeps us hanging around. Sure, we’re insane. We’re also pretty sure that winning the Big One–if and when that happens–will be all the more sweet as a result of our past torment.

Even better, some might say, than the real thing.


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