Words of Wisdom from My Man Mike Tice

Ever wonder why I’m a Vikings fan? Consider this latest slice of genius from my man Mike Tice:

“Tice joked that he offered offensive coordinator Scott Linehan $5,000 to open Sunday’s game with a reverse option pass, the same play that doomed the Vikings’ hopes in last week’s 27-23 loss to Seattle. Or was it a joke? ‘I don’t know if he’s going to do it,’ Tice said. ‘But I think it would be great.'”

…and I mean, what do you possibly say to a line like that? These are the kinds of things we joke about as football fans: “Hey Adam, wouldn’t it be hilarious if the Vikings tried that wide receiver option again?” Except Mike Tice is actually going to do it! Come on: how much you wanna bet we see this play run at some point this weekend versus the Lions? Or, alternately, they’ll set it up and then fake the play instead, let the other receivers seal off a running lane and give Moss an early eight, ten yard pick-up. I’d like to think the Vikings are thinking about a fake option; that said, however, I’ve just come to assume that Tice and Linehan are itching to give it another go in order to avenge last week’s loss and to shut Sean Salisbury the hell up (which, granted, might be reason enough for doing it in and of itself). You wanna bet we’ll see the reverse again this weekend? ‘Cause you won’t find good odds from this guy.

And by the way, I recognize how utterly pointless this post really is–I just really needed a place where I could immortalize Mike Tice’s mouth. Man, I’m gonna miss him when he gets fired.


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