On a Wing and a Prayer

This is shaping up to be one of my worst-ever weekends as a sports fan. What more could possibly go wrong? To reiterate:

  • Southampton, in Harry Redknapp’s managerial debut, were leading Middlesborough 2-0 entering the 89th minute of play. When the final whistle flew four minutes later, the score was 2-2, courtesy an own goal from Danny Higgenboatham and a thirty-yard screamer from Stuart Downing.
  • Minnesota, playing what was essentially a must-win game against Seattle, lost 27-23. I won’t even get into what happened; the game was a farce, and we’ll leave it at that.
  • Green Bay, playing at home against the woefully inept Detroit Lions, were at one point trailing 13-0. Naturally, they won 16-13.
  • En route to buying my Proline ticket I called a last second audible and changed my fifth and final pick to Indianapolis. Who did I drop? Miami. What would I have won. Well, nothing as it turns out. Which leads me to…
  • …the San Francisco 49ers, a guaranteed loss if ever there was one. Right? Right?? Except this week, where nothing went right for me, they threw up a 21-0 lead on the road against the Arizona Cardinals, then held on to win 31-28 in overtime. For a while it looked as though the Cardinals would win and that I’d get to dangle this one over a certain person’s head for a couple weeks. Didn’t happen.
  • As expected, the Jeff George: Future Hall of Famer team is in trouble. At the moment I’m trailing by thirty-one points with Brian Westbrook (vs. Washington) and Derrick Mason (vs. Kansas City) left to play. I’m slightly optimistic I’ll be able to make up the difference and pull of a legendary win; thirty-one points in this league is nothing, and both Westbrook and Mason are capable of throwing up twenty points without any trouble. Given what else has happened this weekend, however, I’m willing to wager against it happening.

So what does that leave me? Man United versus Fulham, I suppose–a game United will win no matter how badly karma wants to screw me up this weekend. And I guess an Arsenal/Chelsea tie is as good as I could have expected from that particular game. Silver lining, perhaps? I don’t think so…but at this point, I’ll take what I can get.


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