Even I Knew It Was H&R Block!

Watching Ken Jennings’ consecutive Jeopardy! win streak come to a halt was something to behold, even if you knew it was going to happen (as half the English-speaking world did, thanks to a leaked soundbite that made the rounds on the Internet earlier this week). When Nancy, his vanquisher, nailed the last question and you watched Ken react, you could tell he was done–and that a giant great weight was being lifted from his shoulders. The audience’s reaction was priceless, as was Alex Trebek’s lame attempt at downplaying it all. Still, there was a time–it was the strange hats category, or whatever it was called–when we caught one final glimpse of the Jeopardy Guy in full flight, opponents ducking for cover, Trebek just letting him roll. Trouble is, the roll was bookended by not one, but two wrong answers on Daily Doubles, probably the first two I’ve seen the JG get wrong during his improbable streak. If that wasn’t a harbinger of what was coming, the fact that the “Sports Venues” category was left unfinished (and that the three answers that did make it up were all left all went unanswered) should have been an indication that the stars weren’t alligned for the JG tonight. If you didn’t see it, find yourself a tape–even though you know the verdit, it’s still fun seeing it come to pass.

Now we just have to wait for the Quiz Show sequel to unfold!


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