The Nicest Kids in Town

Saw Hairspray again tonight (three times now, in case you’re keeping track; it’s not quite the seventeen times I’ve seen The Phantom of the Opera, mind–but still, three times in under seven months is still pretty impressive). There’s a lot I could write about this show…I mean, I’ve seen it three times and that indicates at least a measure of fandom, but since it’s late and since I’m burned out, I’ll just say this: it’s a shame that Hairspray couldn’t last longer than eight months. This is a phenomenal show with an amazingly talented cast, some of the catchiest tunes I’ve ever heard in a musical and at least four bona fide show-stoppers…in the second act alone. And Jennifer Stewart, as Penny Pingleton, is talented and hot–and no, one from the other does not stem (although I’m sure it doesn’t hurt). Go see this show–you’ve still got two weeks.


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