American Idiots

George W. Bush is going to win reelection…well, barring a revival of Christ-like proportions from John Kerry, which seems increasingly unlikely as the clock approaches 2am. About a zillion thoughts are zooming through my mind right about now–most of which I’d tactfully file under “unseemingly”. In essence: I cannot believe that this is happening, cannot believe that what this man has done in the past four years is translating into 51% of the popular vote and an apparently easy win in the electoral college. I’m doing my best to form coherent thoughts here, but with what’s going on south of the border it’s proving difficult if not impossible.

George W. Bush is getting reelected. I am speechless…I am without speech.

I rang in four more years of Armageddon with my friend Bri at the Air Canada Centre, where we saw Green Day put on one helluva good show in support of their, erm, American Idiot album. “I fucking hate George Bush,” proclaimed singer/guitarist Billy Joe Armstrong during a lull in the band’s recent hit “Minority”. “I think he’s a bigger threat to the Western world than Saddam Hussein.” He then went on to add that, should Bush win reelection, Green Day would be moving to Toronto. Well, it looks as though we’ll be gaining three new citizens anytime soon.

I’ll sit down and write a full review of the concert sometime tomorrow, when the dust from this unfolding debacle has settled and I’m able to coalesce these zillion different unseemingly thoughts into a coherent whole. Right now, however, I’m too tired to sit upright, too angry to keep typing and too upset to be awake; that, coupled with the fact that I’ll scream and start hitting things if I have to see that smug sonofabitch’s face one more time tonight, and I think it’s high time I go to bed. “Welcome to a new kind of tension / All across the idiot nation,” sings Billy Joe Armstrong on American Idiot‘s eponymous opening track. “Everything isn’t meant to be okay.” At 2:02am on Wednesday, November 3, 2004, with George Bush’s reelection all but official, it’s hard to imagine words that could ring more true.


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