Red Sox in Five??

That “Red Sox in five” prediction is starting to look mighty ballsy, isn’t it? When I made the call, I was assuming (among other things) that Curt Schilling would last more than three innings, that he wouldn’t give up six runs on six hits, that Mike Mussina wouldn’t be perfect through 6 1/3 innings…just your basic, run-of-the-mill set of assumptions, right? Well, it’s now 8-3 New York and the Yankees are in cruise control–so much so that Joe Torre just pulled Mussina.

On a somewhat related note, what the hell was with Tim McCarver’s mini Bruce Springsteen rant in the last inning? And moreover, why was he citing “Jersey Girl” as an instance of Springsteen referencing the Jersey Shore in his music? Sure, “down the shore everything’s alright” is a pretty blatant reference…but since “Jersey Girl” was written by Tom Waits, not by Springsteen, wasn’t there a better way for McCarver to prove his point? Warrants mentioning.

And hold on a second: it’s now 8-5 Yankees (Jason Varitek just hit a two-run homer). Plans for hitting the sack before 10:40pm are now officially in the can; suddenly, surprisingly, damn near miraculously, we’ve got ourselves a game again.


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