Dazed and Confused, Part IV

This morning, I did my first-ever grad school assignment: I led a two-hour classroom discussion (are you sitting down?) on the paradigm shift from chattel slavery to contract freedom in antebellum United States. If that doesn’t quicken the pulse, add in 328 pages’ worth of readings, a four-to-six page literature review and a half-hour prep meeting with the professor…and we’re talking unfathomable depths of pleasure here, aren’t we? To prepare for this bonanza, I pulled a quasi all-nigher…which explains why, at 5:30 this afternoon, I’m so exhausted I can hardly sit up. Y’know when you’re so tired you feel you have to lie down for fear of fainting? That was me earlier today; a two-hour nap later and I still feel like falling down, but can’t go back to bed since a, I’m about to eat; b, after that, I’m going to Ikea to get a desk (that’s right, it’s October 12 and I still don’t have one–I’m writing this blog entry like I’ve written all the other ones, sitting on my floor with the computer in my lap); c, coming home and assembling said desk; d, starting to write the literature review; and e, watching the Yankees/Red Sox game. It’s week five of classes and I’m already firmly entrenched in the destructive cycle of wanton self-neglect…God bless academia.

As for the presentation, I nailed it to the wall. How should I put this? I was like Daunte Culpepper on one of his good days: not forcing anything, taking what I was given, making the big play when necessary…just a cool, calculated performance (or, as Adam put it, at least it wasn’t like a typical Minnesota Vikings performance: start with a bang, then fade down the stretch and do just enough not to lose…damn, I love that kid). At one point, the professor caught me napping and nailed me with a tough question; to keep with the football analogy, I scrambled, bought time, then hit an open receiver for the first down. It was a thing of beauty–you really had to be there. Or maybe you didn’t: the question he asked me had to do with the legitimacy of the wage slavery argument–and really, no one needs to be anywhere for that.

Two unrelated notes:

  1. I’m taking the Red Sox in five over the Yankees. That’s one helluva limb for me to be going out on, and I can feel it bending already.
  2. Paul (whose flowing tribute is forthcoming) sent me the following link: http://msn.match.com/msn/article.aspx?articleid=2574&TrackingID=516311&BannerID=544657 Read it, and see if I fit the description–bearing in mind I credit the Minnesota Vikings for ending at least one relationship of mine. (And before you get self-righteous on me, it was Cris Carter’s 1000th catch game! I did what any rational Viking fan would have done…and since none of us are rational, what I did makes perfect sense.)



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