Y’All Look Out for the Nighttrain

Last night, after an evening spent in the ‘shwa with both family (Thanksgiving dinner) and friends (coffee date afterwards with Hoj and the Nevilles Kate and Lukas), I was driving back to Toronto and listening to an old mix CD I’d made; I think I’d thrown it together this summer on the eve of mine and my parents’ annual late July/early August car trip down to the Tristate Area. Anyway, I’d forgotten what was on it…and at 11:30 last night, I found myself driving through the middle of Scarborough with “Nighttrain” by Public Enemy playing on my car stereo. And I mean, does this happen to anybody else? Have you ever gone on a late night ride through some of the most dangerous parts of Toronto blasting Chuck D from a 2003 Toyota Camray? Isn’t this an open invitation to get capped? I felt like David Herman in Office Space; I swear I was one step away from belting out “y’all look out for the nighttrain!” and then having to duck and cover. Why do I do these kinds of things?


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